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What I wish I knew before I self published (self publishing is great)

  1. Beta Readers:

I skipped this step, and I should never have. I didn’t really understand the difference between an arc reader and a beta reader. Beta readers provide feedback about your book and this can be so helpful. No, your editor is not the only source you can get for feedback. Having multiple people (beta readers) looking over it not for editing purposes but for the overall experience is so important.

2. The Timing:

Finish the editing process and proofreading process. Wait two weeks. Read it over one more time. THEN publish your book.

3. Does the writing quality of the first draft matter?

The first draft doesn’t have to be a big mess. You can write eloquently in the first draft and you should attempt to. This can help you build the right foundation for your book. Look at it like building a house. Is it better to build a solid foundation or a crumbled one?

And this doesn't mean that your first draft needs to be perfect--a first draft is usually anything but! But building the foundation for your book happens here, so do try to write well. It'll save you time later!

4. Know your Grammar Rules!!!

Know your grammar rules before attempting the first draft. I’d recommend reading up on comma placement because this is crucial to saving you time. Also look up what proper dialogue and dialogue tags look like. Trust me it’ll save you time later. There was nothing more discouraging than when I realized I had done my dialogue tags incorrectly through the first draft.

5. Setting the Scene:

Don’t overlook scenery, details. Really imagine what the scenes will look like and then try to describe what you’re seeing. If you can’t picture it, neither can your readers. This will take time for you to sit down and try to think it all up.

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