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Bookstagram Lingo?

There's a lot of words that I used to not know before I started the process of self-publishing. This is a mini dictionary of words bookstagrammers, booktokers, and authors use!

ARC: Advanced Reader Copy. This is when authors or possibly publishing companies give out books to reviewers before they publish a book. Advanced is because it's before the publication date. ARCs are given to help an author establish some reviews as well as spread the word about a book. An ARC is often not completely proofread, so it's common to find some errors. An ARC is also usually free, so you can get the book before it even comes out! It's beneficial to the reader because they usually get a free book and for the author because they usually will get a review.

Beta Reader: A beta reader is an important step to publishing a book. This happens before an ARC is given out. You will send beta readers the book and ask them their opinion on scenes, flow, etc. Does the scene make sense? Were there any parts in the book that confused you? Etc.

Budget: Every self-published author needs to have a budget. Marketing, cover design, proofreading, and editing all take time.

Bookstagram: An instagram or post that is centered around books.

BookTok: A Tik Tok that is centered around books.

Book Trailer: This one's pretty self-explanatory. A book trailer is like a movie trailer but for books.

Editing: There are four steps to the editing process. There is copy editing, line editing, developmental editing, and proofreading.

EPub File: This is where people can download an e-book and it works for Google Play, Apple Books, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble

KDP: Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindle Direct Publishing is where a self-published author can publish their books. It's different than KDP Select. In just KDP only, you can publish your ebook to other retailers such as Barnes and Nobles. In KDP Select, you give Amazon full publishing rights over your ebook.

KDP Select: In KDP Select, you give Amazon full publishing rights over your ebook in return for discount promotions, free promotions, and a spot in Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle: E-reader, e-tablet specific to Amazon

Mobi File: A mobi file can be downloaded straight to the kindle. Self published authors can send mobi files as ARCs or as real copies.

Nook: Barnes and Noble tablet or an e-reader. Nook also refers to their ebooks. Nook Books for example.

Publishing wide: Publishing wide means that you are publishing across many retailers such as Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, and more! People often just stick to Amazon, but publishing wide can allow your book to reach more people/other audiences.

Street Team: A street team is a team that an author puts together to help them promote the book! For example, usually an author will put together a street team filled with bloggers, instagrammers, and more to help them promote the book! The street team will promote the book on their blogs or instagrams or other social media avenues through posts, reviews, and more! Often, an author will use an ARC to establish a street team. Meaning, they will give out ARC copies to those who want to be part of their street team. Sometimes they'll offer free merchandise or bookmarks as well.

Vellum: Software that formats e-books and print books. I personally use Vellum and find it very helpful!

WIP: Work in Progress. This usually refers to a book, but it could also be a work in progress for an audiobook as well. It would probably work for many other things as well.

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