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How to Dress Like Your Favorite Iridescent Character For Back-to-School

June's back to school outfit: Trendy but fashion-foward Style

-Flared Jeans

-Short-sleeved blouse




Add a fun necklace or accessory to really complete your outfit!

Lila's back to school outfit: (if she were in school): Girly girl style

-Midi or Maxi Sundress



-Light beige or white cardigan

Dresses are the key to Lila's style! For something more autumn-friendly, choose colors such as olive green, grey, navy, or burgundy.

Katrina's back to school outfit: Girl-next door/beachy Style

-Light-washed jeans

-White blouse


-White sneakers

-Beige cardigan

To dress like Kate, she loves to wear the color white! Pair a white blouse with a pair of jeans, wear a pair of brown boots with a white dress and a jacket, or pair a white sweatshirt with some leggings.

Grey's back to school outfit: Chic Style

-Gray jeans

-Gray boots

-Light pink, purple, or green top



Grey loves to use gray in her style! Gray boots or booties is her signature look!

Kristen's Back to School Outfit: More Athletic Style



-Long T-Shirt



Kristen is very active. She loves to wear athletic clothes, but she doesn't like a grunge-look. Dress up the athletic outfit with an over-the-shoulder purse for a more polished look.

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