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Are you a Katrina, Kristen, June, Lila, or Grey? (Iridescent Series Characters)

Find out which girl you would be from the Iridescent Series By S. H. Everly.

  1. You're lost in the woods. You:

    1. Know exactly where to go so this doesn't even relate

    2. Try to follow the stars...if it's nighttime. But you're more likely to just wander.

    3. You feel confident that you can figure it out.

    4. Find the nearest river or lake and swim until your surroundings seem familiar.

    5. Use your survival skills to find a way out.

  2. You're out shopping. What do you buy?

    1. Dresses and skirts

    2. A pair of jeans, sweater, and a midi skirt

    3. Designer only please!

    4. A jacket and a pair of booties

    5. A new rashguard

  3. Your dream guy...

    1. Charming and handsome

    2. Loyal, accepts the real me

    3. Is a prince

    4. Dependable, loyal

    5. Adventurous, funny

  4. You're free on a Saturday. You are...

    1. Reading on the couch

    2. Volunteering somewhere or going to the beach

    3. Turning your curtains into dresses

    4. Spending time with friends

    5. Working out, then going to the beach.

  5. You're faced with danger. You...

    1. Use your wits to get out of it.

    2. Will protect your friends even if it means being in danger.

    3. Are ready to fight or defend yourself

    4. Shaking with fear, but ready to fight

    5. Take a deep breath and brace yourself.

  6. You're decorating your room. What does it look like?

7. When you're swimming you...

a. Are comfortable anywhere, as long as you're underwater

b. Prefer to stay along the coast in clear water

c. Don't mind swimming for many miles. You're a strong swimmer

d. Like to swim in rivers and lakes.

e. Are on a surfboard

8. How would you describe yourself

a. Dependable

b. Kind

c. Creative

d. Brave

e. Talented

9. How would your friends or family members describe you.

a. The mom

b. Loyal

c. Artistic

d. Protective of those you love

e. Free-spirit

10. Which set of words best describes you?

a. Home-body, sea stars, books, introvert, smart

b. Waves, diving, hiking, animals, aquarium, protective

c. Pearls, clothes, design, heart, sparkle

d. Adventure, forest, river, friendship, boots

e. Surf, rash guard, workouts, smoothies

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