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Are you Aqua, Hailey, or Claire from Aquamarine?

I remember when I was nine years old, I went to see Aquamarine for the first time. I felt like the movie was made especially for me-I was so excited! 14 years later, and I still love Aquamarine! I'm pretty sure it'll never get old.

Answer the questions below and at the end, tally up how many of each letter (a's,b's, and c's) to see who you get!

1. You're caught in a rainstorm, what do you do!?

A. I love the rain! I'm not going anywhere! B. Good thing I brought my umbrella! C. I have a hood on my sweatshirt, I'll be fine

2. You're out for dinner for a girls night, what do you order?

A. Dessert B. A cobb salad. C. A hamburger and fries-classic American dinner

3. It's 7pm on a Thursday night, what are you doing?

A. Taking a warm bath B. Catching up on some work C. Watching hair and makeup tutorials

4. Your crush passes you in the hallway, what do you do?

A. Laugh and then run away. B. Hide! C. Talk to him and ask him how he's doing

5. You have to give a big speech, how are you coping?

A. I'm not worried at all I love speeches B. Looking through my flashcards again. C. What speech?

6. What's your favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

A. With friends B. Going to the movies C. Going shopping

7. A friend is upset about something. What do you do?

A. Comfort them. B. Give them advice on how to handle the situation. C. Listen to them.

8. You're going to pick a book to read tonight. What is it?

A. Twilight B. Pride and Prejudice C. Divergent

9. You're at an ice cream shop. What do you order?

A. Sea Salt Caramel B. Mint Chocolate Chip C. Rocky Road

10. M or W?

A. M B. W C. Neither!


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