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Now Released: February 25, 2021


Copyright © 2021 by S.H. Everly

All rights reserved.

For 17-year-old Katrina Peterson, life is never the same after she finds out she’s moving back to California. Upon arrival, Katrina learns that the town has secrets, and at the heart of them is the mysterious and popular Jared, who’s been dreaming about her long before she came to Santa Cruz.


Only one thing seems to have all the answers: a map given to her by her mother. But Katrina wonders how long she can keep her own secret from Jared. Will he ever accept her for who she truly is? But, more importantly, can she?


A story filled with friendship, family, love, and even faith, Iridescent will take you away to the beaches and ocean waters of Central California, and on a magical journey in this coming of age book.


Iridescent is my debut novel. I began writing this book my Junior year in a cold, Midwestern college. I desperately longed for warm weather, sunshine, and the sound of waves. I would stay up late to write about a girl whose heart was in the sea. Kate's story is filled with courage, faith, bravery, and at its core, love. My hope is to share this with you, so I invite you to check out Iridescent. 

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Book Reviews

This was a beautiful coming of age story with fantastic fantasy elements. I am so excited for the Iridescent Series to continue!

This was a page turner. I could not put it down. You feel the emotions that the main character feels as you read this book.

So I loved everything, the plot was amazing and fast-paced and the characters were all lovable. It seemed as if I were reading someone's diary which seemed so real.

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  • February 25th: Iridescent Release

  • Early Fall: Iridescent on Audible!


  • Iridescent Book 2


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